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Nyeleti Insider - January 2018

We trust that everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and a well-deserved break. We wish you a prosperous 2018 and we do hope this will be a year of success and fulfilment.

Thank you for your loyal and ongoing support. We are grateful to all our clients and we aim to strengthen our relationship with them this year and in the future. Given the difficult times we have been experiencing as a country, Nyeleti is more than proud of its achievements during the past year.

Striving for excellence is a team effort and can only be achieved if every staff member is continuously improving on the service they deliver. Therefore, we consider Nyeleti's biggest asset to be its staff. The four values, Integrity, Equality, Quality and Responsibility form the cornerstone of the business and reflect our passion for always striving to excel in whatever we do. Nyeleti believes that investing in its team of outstanding individuals is the most effective way of ensuring the company's success. Each staff member deserves to be acknowledged and respected for their contribution to the success of the company.

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